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 Interview with Nathaniel Peat  1500 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Why did you want to become a pilot?
For as long as I can remenber I was always fascinated by airplanes. I dreamed one day of being able to fly them. The fundamental purpose of me wanting to fly was to fulfill a dream. When I became a pilot, this dream was made a reality.
You should never let your dreams become regrets and this is the ethos I always had at the back of my mind throughtout my entire training.
No matter what obstacle faces you in this life you can obtain the highest heights, despite limitations, despite the skin colour, despite finance, and despite situations you can do it.
If you have determination to reach the goal of becoming a pilot you must be prepared to work twice as hard, aim for the best and never quit. You have to keep it moving and be willing to make significant sacrifices.

Where did you do your training?
Primarily most of my training was done in USA at what was then known as Delta Connection Acadamy, later I resumed flying in the UK with some bits in between the UK and USA. In the early days I was fortunate enough to gain good operational experience with British Airways which took me to several places around the world.
I trained in the early 2000s; and it was very expensive this was because I trained both FAA licenses and what was then known as JAA (now EASA), it cost me just over one hundred thousand pounds including accommodation, flights, conversions, tests and living expenses.


What advice would you give to a young person wanting to be pilot?
I suggest:

      Start saving as soon as possible
      Have a plan of how you will get there
      Surround yourself with peers that have achieved the dream
      Secure finance from early
      Keep to one school
      Try not to do a modular program
     Try to knock out your VFR/IFR(Visual/Instrument flight rules)flying hours overseas where the weather is better and you are guaranteed to go up more.

Above all Practice, Practice and know your stuff. The only limitation is yourself.

What aircrafts are your favourites?
My favourite aircraft include the B777, B747-400, Learjets and the wonderful KingAir.

An your approach to land?
One of the best approaches to landing that I have seen in the VOR (VHR Omni Directional Radio Range) was an approach into JFK airport, New York. The view of the Statue of Liberty from up top was amazing. First time I saw it was in 2006.


Are you a well-rounded person?
My resume, in no particular order: a musician, a social entrepreneur, an engineer, inventor and practitioner of martial arts.

My long term aim is to part own and fly private jets

My number on mission is to empower people.

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 Monday Question Time  1400 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

I had an interesting chat with my son this morning and the conversation went on to something like that:

-I had a great day today.
-What happened? I asked
-Well, I flew all day and now I am sipping coconut juice while watching the sunset.
-That's great son.
Then he carried on:
-I am happy, I love flying, I have no stress, it's just great. Life is good.

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 Interview  1426 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Black Boy Can't Fly?

Coming soon to a radio station near you. Listen to Marcelle and the story behind Black Boy Can't Fly? in her interview with Gener8te at the studio.

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 Cockpit Conversation  1465 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Great conversation between a pilot and Tower before landing.

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 Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire  1363 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire

1. Tell me a bit about your family ?
My name is IC, I was born in London. My mother is from Grenada and my father Nigerian. I have four sisters, of which I am the second youngest. I am living in Shepherds Bush, West London.

2. What make you decide to become a pilot ?
Actually, it was, my mother. I have always loved airplanes and traveling. I thought the plane journey was the most interesting part of a holiday. Once on a return flight my mother asked me what I wanted to do. She said jokingly : «why don't you become a pilot ?» I thought why not. Having taking it seriously, I did research for university offering  aviation course. We had no pilot in the family.

3. What was your root to become a qualified pilot ?
St James and St Clement in West London was my primary school and I was for a short time at Holland Park School. I was at Elliot School in Putney where I did my GCSE and my A Levels (Economics, English and Psychology). Nothing to do with aviation. It was on my A Levels that I decided to pursue a career in aviation. I was told about Kingston University through a friend,  she sent pictures from the course and I recognized a familiar face, someone that I knew from Holland Park School.  I was later at Kingston with him,  he was a year ahead of me. Having studied in Bournemouth  for the ground theory and in Kissimmee (Florida) for the flying part of my training  was interesting. It was the first time I was being away from home.

4. How long did it take you to qualify ?
I began in 2008 until 2013. I am now fully qualified pilot.

5. What is the position of black pilots in airlines ?
They are employed but the main issue is there are not many of us. I like to think pilots are chosen on their skills and academic ability. Being a pilot has nothing to do with ethnicity or gender.

6. What do you think about the relationship between your background and the finance needed to be trained ?
I am quite lucky that my parents have helped me, the finance does exclude a lot of people. My parents have been very supportive in my career.

7. Do you enjoy to fly ?
There is a sense of freedom. It is difficult to explain; you get in the plane and can go anywhere. The sky is the limit.

8. How do you see your future ?
I am hoping to get into the business jet market.

9. How does it feel to be a black female pilot ?
Sometimes it can be bit lonely. I have not seen a black female pilot in the UK. I feel I am doing something unusual. I enjoy doing thing others have not done, perhaps being a Captain at BA, this could open up a career for people.

10. Do you think that a young person from ethnic background can be inspired by having a professional in the industry of the same ethnicity ?
Yes. I do think it is important. It would have been good to have colleague with me. I want to lead the way, it would be inspiring.

11. In your experience as a pilot, does your ethnicity have any bearing on your job ?
Everyone has been very welcoming. I have not seen anything negative.

12. Do you feel vulnerable as a pilot in regards to the danger ?
Yes, at the beginning, it is shaky ground. But by building hours you become experienced and more established and in this way less vulnerable.

13. About your peer group, how do they feel about your job ?
They are quite impressed about what I am doing. It is difficult to share with them the intricacy and the nitty-gritty but in general they are very supportive.

14. How would you encourage young people towards aviation ?
I do not sugar coat the facts. It is not easy to get into aviation. It is expensive, but also it can be rewarding. They should go in with open eyes, do research, making sure they know and understand what it is going to be like during training and having qualified. I would advise them to look beyond the advertisements and promises.

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