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 Interview with Nathaniel Peat  759 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Why did you want to become a pilot?
For as long as I can remenber I was always fascinated by airplanes. I dreamed one day of being able to fly them. The fundamental purpose of me wanting to fly was to fulfill a dream. When ...

 Monday Question Time  739 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

I had an interesting chat with my son this morning and the conversation went on to something like that:

-I had a great day today.
-What happened? I asked
-Well, I flew all day and now I am sipping coconut juice while watchi...

 Interview  776 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Black Boy Can't Fly?

Coming soon to a radio station near you. Listen to Marcelle and t...

 Cockpit Conversation  813 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Great conversation between a pilot and Tower before...

 tags :  flying desk conversation - pilots conversation - pilot talks - 
 Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire  729 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire

1. Tell me a bit about your family ?
My name is IC, I was born in London. My mother is from Grenada and my father Nigerian. I have four sisters, of which I am the second youngest. I am living in Shepherds B...

 tags :  London - father Nigerian - freedom - academic ability - female pilot - I want to be a pilot - 
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Black Boy Can't Fly?
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