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Raffles Hotel has a concierge with a turban. There is a huge space that is a garden where  in Victorian times exquisite parties were held. The billiard room is now a bar and billiard room. The English rage in the sun. This exquisite hotel is in deep contrast to the pre-fabrication of modern buildings that make up Singapore. Raffles is the most famous hotel name in the world.


Water, water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Singapore has no water, thus it is imported from a neighbouring country. Each tree has a number. When the rain comes it is channelled through enormous flutes into underground containers. These enormous towers are not only covered with flowers but in the evening there is a spectacular illumination of them. You can walk from tower to tower on a minute bridge. These contrast extremely with Singapore harbour which was so vital to the British. As the hotels around show their colonial being, magic modern lights.


Little India can be said to be worth its weight in Gold. Any gold object you want to purchase will be weight for its price. The small streets combine to form an Indian conclave with exotic foods, cloths and colourful people.


China Town, let’s go down to China Town where you can get everything. Take a josh stick and present it and participate in the worship, with offerings everywhere with fruits and much more.
On the street market, the stall holders have being bartering for thousands of years. It is immaterial what they may be selling, but they have the highest ability to sell.
Eat at the covered market as they do, you will have the most wonderful Chinese meal for the cheapest possible price,  you can also taste the most exotic teas. At the Chinese New Year, large placards give information of the Year, and if people would be personally rich, lucky and in general how to live their futures.


Chinese New Year is very colourful with distinctive array of symbolic bushes of mandarins, which at first gaze look artificial, flowers and much more.  Singapore stands still for the celebrations.

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 A visit to Voyages of Discovery  1795 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [2 Juin 2014]
 Voyages of Discovery

Visiting  Voyages of Discovery in Portsmouth makes a wonderful day. Step on board and discover a stylish ship. Voyager is a small ship with accommodation for 540. It has a lot to offer !


And lunch !

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 Portsmouth: a day out of the ordinary  1751 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [13 Juin 2014]
 HMS Warrior

It’s hard to know what to expect when visiting Portsmouth. There was so much to see.

HMS Warrior is Britain’s first iron-hulled armoured warship.


Fancy a battle with the Royal Marines, command a warship or better fly a helicopter, visit the Action Stations.


Situated on the waterfront at Gunwharf Quays, the Spinnaker Tower 170 meters above Portsmouth Harbour is taller than the London Eye, Blackpool Tower and Big Ben.

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 The Orient Express to Canterbury  1744 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [12 Avril 2014]

We traveled on the carriages of the Brighton Belle through the English country side on a fine spring day.


The colours were yellow and white of the blossom as we were served an elaborate brunch, with Scottish salmon and caviar.


We saw aspects of the Kent coast and arrived at Canterbury Station. There we visited Canterbury Cathedral with its stained glass and tombs of kings.


Here Thomas Becket was murdered by the kings’ knights and a shrine to his martyrdom still exists today. We have a coach journey then to Folkestone through the Kent lanes, looking down on idyllic valleys.

On the journey from Folkestone we were served high tea. We had selected sandwiches, cakes and endless cup of tea.

We arrived in Victoria Station at exactly 5:45 not a minute more or less.

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 Lake Como  1778 
    par : CallMeMishka  [18 Février 2014]
Arriving in Milan at sunrise, we waited at the airport and watched the sunrise over a beautiful city. After managing to communicate in broken Italian to find the coach to take us to the inner city, we began our journey.

Pulling up to Lake Como we were overcome by beauty, miles of green mountain terrain as far as the eyes could see. Dotted amongst the natural green landscape were perfect structures making up the thousands of houses. Centered in the middle of this landscape was the crystal blue lake, jaw-dropping natural beauty.

To travel to the main Como area, an hour ferry ride will allow you to explore Como via the lake. Stopping at several smaller villages on route, each with its own culture and history to discover.

The main area of Como is full of vibrant bars and restaurant serving the freshest Italian foods and the vastest range of wines. The locals welcomed us with open arms and were friendly and helpful.

Written by: CallMeMishka
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 A journey part two  1795 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [27 Mars 2010]

Lax to Tokyo 11h35, journey where time is lost and impossible to capture, we left LAX on Sunday and arrived at Narita Japan the next day however we did not see night.


The Hilton Tokyo, in the Shinjuku area, our home for three days 29th floor.




The best part of the journey our day trip to Mont Fuji in Hakone. A panoramic view of Mt Fiji :


Hakone Sky Gondola , a breathtaking scenery of the volcanic Hakone Mountains


Owakudany Valley Sulphurous fume, sulphurous smells, snow covered valley.


Return : from Odawara station to Tokyo by bullet train


A night in Narita


Narita to London : 11h35

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 A journey part one  1768 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [7 Mars 2010]

For many of us it is common to dream of exotic places without living our comfort. I love everything people hate about traveling. I love the early morning start, or if you prefer the sleepless night, the last check, passport, tickets, money, children, the journey to the airport. The queue at the checking and the same questions that you answer hundreds of time, did you pack you bag yourself, have them always been with you, did you leave them unattended. Did anyone give you something to carry, then the passport check, ya name is the same on the boarding pass and then the scanner , take everything off, coat, shoes, laptop.

The duty free shops are worth a visiting, the last visit to the toilet and then waiting for boarding, the last call.

Come with me on my journey, a long trip around the world, to an exotic place I always wanted to visit.

London to New-york 6h45.


Not much to do at such high altitude other than eat, sleep, eat and watch a selection of latest release: Precious, In the Air, and Michael Jackson's This is it.
Beautiful landing in sunny JFK.
A couple of hours of layover, a tour of the airport looking for wireless connection mission impossible

JFK-Los Angeles : duration 5h.35.
It is raining in LA, a quick tour around


Hollywood, to see the last touch for the Oscar on Sunday. Pity we will not be there to see it.
A much needed rest.


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