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As an avition enthusiast I encourage young people to go into aviation, to live a dream and to fulfil an ambition. The company listed below are the one that connect you with flying.


 Education :

Flying is the most fun that anyone can have and Aerobility makes it possible for disabled people to join in too. Nothing can beat that feeling.
Their flying instructors are experienced with the demands that disability can bring, you will be safe with them.  You will have the opportunity to fly the aeroplane yourself.

Visit their website: www.aerobility.com


Top Rank Flying School

Learning to fly cost a lot of time and money, so it’s vital that you find the right flying school!. Use TopRankUK to read reviews and make the right choice.

Visit their website: www.toprankflyingschools.co.uk

Black Pilots of America

Black Pilot of America is providing a positive environment for everyone to learn to fly and own airplanes. They are encouraging young people to go into aviation, they provide a fun way to learn how to fly.

Visit their website: www.bpapilots.org

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