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  Female commercial pilot   889 

At a Pilot’s exhibition in London I was privileged to be able to speak to some young pilots in training. Below is a conversation I had with a young lady in training.

From a female prospective how easy was it to get into aviation?[suite]

 tags :  Pilots - commercial pilots - pilot exhibition - pilots studies - London Pilot exhibition - 
  How I became a Pilot by Hashaun   823 


My name is Hashaun Adderley. I am 24 and currently live in Nassau, The Bahamas. I have about 48 hours total flying time. I currently hold a private pilot airplane single engine land license. I also hold an aircraft dispatcher cert...

 tags :  How I became a pilot - aircraft dispatcher - line mechanic - commercial pilot - pilots - planes - Wayman Aviation Academy - 
  Flying in West Papua with Susi Air   1090 


From time to time we are gifted with special moment. My trip to West Papua in Indonesia was one of those moments. After some long hours we landed at Rendani Airport in Manokwari the capital of West Papua, New Guina. I was previ...

 tags :  Susi Air - Pilot - Papua - Indonesia - Commercial Pilot - 
  Aviation is buzzing   1043 

There is no better time than now to realise your ambitions and work in the aviation industry. Aviation is buzzing, and every aspect of the industry is growing. 
It is a global industry and has excellent opportunities in every sector. B...

 tags :  Becoming a pilot - commercial pilot - flight simulator - pilot exhibition - Pilot careers - 
  Joy of Flying with Captain Sapna Sharma   1286 

This is my first interview with a female pilot. In a two minutes conversation,  I was just fascinated by this amazing lady and by her selfelessness, her passion and joy for flying.

My name is Captain Sapna Sharma. I...

 tags :  Air India - Female Pilot - pilots - how to become a pilot - Female captain pilot - 
  The runway to your dream of becoming a commercial pilot! Part 2   1293 

So you got your PPL.
Congratulations!!!! what next?
Where do you go from...

 tags :  pilot - commercial pilot - pilot training - pilot work - pilot training - pilot exam - pilot studies - 
  The runway to your dream of becoming a commercial pilot! Part 1   2459 

Many of us dream to be pilots flying from one destination to the other for a living. It is a dream for a lot of young people who are still in the dilemma of what to pursue for a career. Despite the challenges and hurdles one will face through this...

 tags :  Commercial Pilot - How to become a pilot - becoming a pilot - commercial pilot license - commercial pilot as a career - commercial pilot jobs - commercial pilot training - 
  Living your dream, fulfilling your ambition   1771 

It was an inspiring moment for Eury Caldwell and I to be invited by the Black Pilots of America to take part in the General Meeting in Atlanta in January.
We were privileged to be with pilots whose aim are:
•    Providing a pla...

 tags :  Fun of flying - becoming a pilot - flying for fun - Love of flying - 
  How I became a pilot   1726 

When I was a young child I started dreaming about flying. Of course at that time, it was difficult not to, as my mother worked for an airline and I often travelled with her.

As I grew up that dream stayed with me.

When I was in...

 tags :  How to become a pilot - flying lessons - pilots - 
  Aerobility : Become a flyer   5957 

What is the purpose of Aerobility?
Our purpose at Aerobility is to facilitating flying access to disabled people.
This involves building confidence and self-esteem- living outside the box. We voice events to educate, to remove barrie...

 tags :  Disabled pilot - aerobility - I want to fly - pilot with disabilities - flying with disabilities - Pilots with Physical Disability - 
  Battle of Britain   2540 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

The Battle of Britain was big celebration, a display of Tiger Moth, Harvard and of course Spitfire.

I had the privilege to meet the proud owner of the Spitfire and asked him a couple of questions. 

-How did you manage to get ho...

 tags :  Battle of Britain - Spitfire - Tiger Moth - vintage cars - air show - 
  Monday Question time   2377 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Had an interesting chat with my son this morning and the conversation went something like that:
-I had a great day today.
-Good, what happened? I asked
-Well, I flew all day and now I am sipping coconut juice while watching th...

 tags :  pilot conversation - pilot talk - coconut juice - sunset - great day flying - love flying - 
  Fight or Flight   2125 
    par : Varnia Fisher   

Ricky leaned towards the bathroom mirror and stroked the shadow on his chin.  Should he shave today or not?  Perhaps he shouldn’t treat today any differently from the others.  It might help his nerves.   He studied h...

 tags :  want to be a pilot - fly or fight - going to be a pilot - how to become a pilot - studies to become a pilot - pilot studies - I want to fly planes - airplanes - 
  Interview with Nathaniel Peat   2032 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Why did you want to become a pilot?
For as long as I can remenber I was always fascinated by airplanes. I dreamed one day of being able to fly them. The fundamental purpose of me wanting to fly was to fulfill a dream. When ...

 tags :  I want to be a pilot - Nathaniel Peat - commercial pilot - pilot school - how to become a pilot - Nathaniel Peat interview - talking to Nethaniel Peat - pilot licence - commercial pilot licence - 
  Interview   2270 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Black Boy Can't Fly?

 Listen to Marcelle and the story behind Black Boy Can't...

 tags :  Interview - Marcelle Roujade - Become a pilot - Commercial Pilot - 
  Shiri Achu Artist   2243 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Le rythme de la vie

How does it feel to be creative in differing cultures ?
It feels wonderful. It is extremely thrilling for me to be able to express my love for culture. Particularly the African cultures of : Baforchu, the Maasai and the Yor...

 tags :  Shiri Achu - African art - Shiri Achu London - 
  Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire   2010 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Entretien avec une femme pilote Noire

1. Tell me a bit about your family ?
My name is IC, I was born in London. My mother is from Grenada and my father Nigerian. I have four sisters, of which I am the second youngest. I am living in Shepherds B...

 tags :  first black female pilot - black pilot - mentor as black pilot - experience as black pilot - female black pilot - joy of flying  - role model for black pilot - 
  Portsmouth: A day out of the ordinary   1901 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 HMS Warrior

It’s hard to know what to expect when visiting Portsmouth. There was so much to see.

HMS Warrior is Britain’s first iron-hulled armoured...

 tags :  Portsmouth - HMS Warrior - Spinnaker Tower - Portsmouth Harbour - Gunwharf Quays - 
  A visit to Voyages of Discovery   2066 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Voyages of Discovery

Visiting  Voyages of Discovery in Portsmouth made a wonderful day. Step on board and discover a stylish ship. Voyager is a small ship with accommodation for 540. It has a lot to offer...

 tags :  Voyages of Discovery - 
  Cockpit Conversation   1993 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 Great conversation between a pilot and Tower before landing.
  The Orient Express to Canterbury   1767 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

We traveled on the carriages of the Brighton Belle through the English country side on a fine spring...

 tags :  The Orient express - Canterbury Orient Express - Brighton Belle - 
  How to save money   1815 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  [28 Février 2014]
 Saving money

How do you save money ?

This question has been asked many times. There are many ways to do so. At the present time of economic recession it is very important to live within your means.

Tip 1. Write down how much ...

  Lake Como   2760 
    par : CallMeMishka  [18 Février 2014]

Arriving in Milan at sunrise, we waited at the airport and watched the sunrise over a beautiful city. After managing to communicate in broken Italian to find the coach to take us to the inner city, we began our journey.

Pulling up t...

  A journey part two   2037 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Lax to Tokyo 11h35, journey where time is lost and impossible to capture, we left LAX on Sunday and arrived at Narita Japan the next day however we did not see...

 tags :  Los Angeles - Tokyo - Narita - 
  A journey part one   1991 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

For many of us it is common to dream of exotic places without leaving our comfort. I love everything people hate about traveling. I love the early morning start, or if you prefer the sleepless night, the last check, passport, tickets, money, child...

 tags :  Heathrow  - Airport - London - New-York - 
  A bit of an artist   1757 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  
 by Mital Patel

One said you are an artist
So you are a free spirit.
With no limit to your inspiration
Use the sky as a canvas
And the colours of nature as paint.
Let your wondering mind
And your agile hands

 tags :  Local artist - canvas - inspiration as an artist - colours of nature - 
  Ma passion   1903 
    par : Marcelle Roujade  

Il y a des gens qui sont fascinés par les oiseaux, d'autres par les trains et bien autres choses. Je suis fascinée par les avions et tout ce qui a trait à l'aviation. Je passe des heures à regarder les avions at...

 tags :  A380 planes - Singapore Airlines - 
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